How to Make a Paper Longer (15 Unique Tricks)

How to lengthen a paper

For obvious or less obvious reasons, you may want to lengthen a paper. So, to make a paper longer, what does one need to do? There are several options to consider apart from the popular but unrealistic ones such as increasing the font size. Making a paper longer simply means that the writer is adding more words: it is not increasing the number of pages. Getting to the word limit requires careful consideration to avoid creating a scenario where an entire paper is clichés and junk. You can still add more words to an essay or paper while still being concise and descriptive. 

Using the old obvious tricks will get you caught by the professor and it always doesn’t end well for the overall score in that course. Here are some of the best ways to make a paper longer:

  1. Add relevant quotes.
  2. Consider additional subheadings.
  3. Cite more sources
  4. Uses examples in the paper
  5. Use a professional paper writing service

Add relevant quotes

Do not overlook quotes if you want to increase the number of words in your paper. Quotes are extremely useful in supporting an argument. They’re powerful in conveying truth and evidence. For instance, consider the historical lines below. 

Consider additional subheadings

With every subheading come more words under it. Every section requires a few sentences to make a paragraph. Therefore, adding a couple of subsections in the paper, especially if they are supporting the main argument is a great way to lengthen a paper. 

Cite more sources

Additional sources to support claims in your paper is often a good idea. In-text citations will increase the length of your paper without raising eyebrows. Any reader will not notice it because practice is allowed in the academic field. 

Be careful to cite accurately and use the correct format for this strategy to make sense.

Use examples in the paper 

Providing additional examples to the paper will definitely increase its length. To do this correctly, the idea must be relevant and illustrative. Adding examples is different from a quotation in that an example can be more illustrative and can be put in your own words. A quotation, on the contrary, is lifted directly from the text.

If you’re explaining the negative impacts of air pollution, giving an example would look like this:

“One of the negative effects of air pollution is increased chronic diseases.”

To lengthen this sentence, providing an example could add a few more words while still maintaining the context of the paper. Essentially, it would look something like this:

“One of the negative effects of air pollution is increased chronic diseases. An example illness explained by Jiang et al. 2018) is asthma which affects many children exposed to poor household air quality.”

Well, that added a few extra words. 

A professional essay writer to add more words

Taking a 500-word paper to 2000 words would require great writing skills. If you can’t do this as fast as needed, hire a professional to do it. It’s easy to find help for a few dollars. has professional writers who can increase the length of your essay. 

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